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2019 – 2 – Triple Crown Leg 2 – Tranquilo

2019 – 2 – Triple Crown Leg 2 – Tranquilo

Ken, Amanda, Bill, Kevin and Captain Cody,

Thanks for letting me ride out for a day of staring backwards with ya’ll.  Here are the photos I processed from the day.  Please feel free to use them as you wish!


If there are any that you want to use for Squidnation, please do so (IMG_6621 and IMG_7679 might be good candidates), but of course, I’d appreciate photo credit and if you wanted to throw any teasers/swag or other opportunities to come photograph you guys fishing, that’s always appreciated.


I put a bunch of shots of Amanda on a fish with some bend in the rod and the “COSTA” as clear as possible on her arm, hopefully that works out for what you were thinking.


You expressed some concern that I wouldn’t sell any of the photos (photos of other boats) to the other boats, so I promise not to do that and  will just send the applicable photos over to them for free if you’re alright with that (for example, sending IMG_7389 to the owner of MJOLNIR).  I just want to check if you’re ok with me using some of the photos for my own social media and/or sending them to Marlin/Saltwater Sportsman/In the Bite etc.   I want to make sure you guys are happy so whatever you do, or don’t want me to do with them, please let me know.  Also, of course, if you all need someone to haul in sails for any future tourneys, or want me out shooting pictures again, please let me know!


Thank you and good luck,

Tony Cadorin

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