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2018 – 4 – Go Fish

2018 – 4 – Go Fish

Mark, Merry, Randall, the crew, and the two wonderful people from the Pacific Northeast whose names I’ve unfortunately forgotten,

Thanks for letting me ride out for a day of staring backwards with ya’ll I had a great time and was honored to come aboard.  Here are the photos I processed from the day.  Please feel free to use them as you wish (just don’t sell them commercially please).  Photo credit is always appreciated too (i.e. on Instagram: Photo: @elborrachotaco).

To download the images, there is a bar that will appear above the images once you login, click this button to download all of the images as a zip file.  The pictures are very high resolution so it will take a while to download.  The button looks like this:
Any questions, let me know

Thank you and good luck,

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