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Pelagic Finder

Find Your Fish

Pelagic Finder is a data analytics project that has begun with the sole goal of helping anglers around the world plan a once in a lifetime trip to catch their Marlin (Blue, Black, White, Striped), Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Spearfish, Swordfish or even Roosterfish or Tarpon in a manner as economically as possible.

Pelagic Finder was started, like many projects, out of frustration. As a typical desk jockey in the USA searching for fishing calendars, e-mailing guides, checking ticket prices to try and figure out a fishing vacation; it seemed like this information should be available in a one stop shop, and why not? Certainly we don’t have the experience to tell anybody where or when to catch some of the world’s most beautiful and elusive sport fish, but if, somehow, the experience of guides (who want your business!) could be aggregated into a searchable system, then we, as anglers, could find a location, time and guide that would allow us to maximize what little vacation resources we have in our lives. Truly, time is your only resource; use it as wisely as possible to get what you want and Pelagic Finder is here to help you do that.

Life is short. Find YOUR fish.

Coming in 2019