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PFI has taken a field photography residence based out of Costa Rica and is available for booking from December through April out of Los Sueños Marina and Marina Pez Vela.  Contact us for more information.

Spots are filling up quickly for the high season, so please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your day.  Booking for media services in other areas of North America is also available upon advanced notice with compensation for travel and lodging.

Anglers, ask yourself, what photo do you want from for your once in a lifetime deep sea fishing trip?  Captains and owners, what photo do you want to show your potential clients?

At Pelagic Finder, we want to ensure that you receive pictures of a quality that matches the quality of your experience catching the fish!

Why bring a photographer fishing?
Anglers: The pursuit of large, pelagic, apex predator fish is a lifelong dream for a dedicated group of us hardcore anglers.  During the heat of the battle, you’re concentrated on taking in slack, pumping, and not letting your arms rip out of the shoulder sockets and obviously there’s no time for photos.  The crew will be helping you, waiting for the leader, pulling in other lines and teasers and don’t have the time to grab photos during the fight of your fish doing what makes these fights so amazing; jumping, tailwalking, grayhounding and giving you the battle of a lifetime.  Bringing PFI with you ensures that you’ll get high resolution, laser sharp photos of the fish that you’ve been waiting so long to catch.  Without PFI, the crew will grab the leader, leader the fish in, grab the bill and take a low resolution shot with a point and shoot waterproof camera of the fish being dragged alongside the boat.  Who hangs that on their wall?  With PFI, you’ll have the shots that you need to point to and say “That’s my fish.  The fish I’ve waited my whole life for, doing what it does best.”

Captains and Owners:  The two things that I look for when I’m trying to book a charter are evidence that the boat has their stuff together (their sales pitch looks professional, boat is clean, good pictures on the site) and that, obviously, the team knows how to catch fish.  What better way to boost your social media outreach and sales potential than by getting perfect digital pictures of the fish you catch to attract new clients?  Bringing PFI on board gets the pictures that will boost sales and provide clients with pictures of their trophy; a service that maybe your competitors neglected to offer.  Contact us today to check our availability.  Need someone to manage your social media campaigns?  Let PFI put together the messaging that you want to get out to your clients and ensure that it’s done on a regular, timely basis.  Need a video or web site to bring new clients in?  Look no further than PFI.  We are an experienced, complete media solution.