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Find Your Fish

Like the pictures? Didn’t like the pictures? Feel like shooting me some dollars? Here ya go!


$2 – Those were great pictures, here’s a beer on me!

$10 – Buy a lens cloth, the pictures were a little hazy

$20 – Take an online photography course man, they were ok, but study up!

$100 – Maybe get a real camera bag instead of that silly blue backpack

$500 – Use this money to bribe a pro who actually knows what they’re doing to have them teach you some stuff. Actually, a lot of stuff.

$1,000 – Get a new lens man, that equipment just isn’t cutting it!

$2,000 – Those pictures were awful, please get Lasik so that you can actually see the dang fish

$5,000 – Why don’t you go to a spa in a remote country, take some time off, maybe make a nice bath with some candles and just really think about whether or not you should be doing this.